Our Fresh Jersey Milk has just won the Best Channel Island milk competition at the Great Yorkshire Show 2016 and then went on to win Best Liquid Milk in show!


Welcome to Manor Farm Jerseys

Image of Manor Farm Jersey CowsWe are the Dickinson family and are the 5th generation of farmers to have retailed milk. We farm at Manor Farm in Scaftworth, near Bawtry. Why are we farmers? Because the best food is locally produced and simple.

You will soon be able to buy our Fresh Local Jersey Milk from our milk vending machine at the end of the Farm lane, housed in the out building of the King William Pub in Scaftworth.  The only process the milk goes through is pasteurisation, which only kills the bacteria!

It is simple to use - insert your money or credit key, open the door and place your container under the nozzle and choose how much milk you would like, i.e. 1 litre or 2 litres. Once you have finished please close the door afterwards as this allows the area to be steam cleaned after every visit.

You can purchase your very own 1 litre Manor Farm Jerseys Glass Bottle which you can then take home, wash (dishwasher safe) and bring back to refill. We all know that everything tastes better out of a glass bottle and you will be doing your bit for the environment by not using throw away plastic bottles.  Don’t worry however if you forget to bring your glass bottles, there are plastic containers so you can always get your milk on the way past!

Our milk vending machine can take notes as well as giving change. You can also buy two glass bottles full of milk in a handy cane handled jute bag which makes it easier to transport and can also make great gift ideas for friends and family who want to buy their food fresh and locally and also something a little bit different.

Enjoy our milk and please let us know your comments as we would love to hear from you, or better still pop in to see us!

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