Image of Tom and Claire Dickinson jersey cows milk vending machineWe are Tom and Claire Dickinson. We have a gorgeous daughter Ava, two Border collie dogs, Fern and Buddy and a herd a beautiful Jersey Cows.  Tom runs our family farm and believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh jersey milk like we are fortunate enough to have. Working alongside Tom is his father John, mother Susan and our fab team of staff Richard, Tomas and Josh.

Claire works quietly behind the scenes sourcing the best glass bottles, writing this website, playing farming with Ava and generally organising things.  In my day job I am the Finance Director at AESSEAL plc (Design and Manufacture of Mechanical Seals).

Ava is 2 years old and loves helping out around the farm. She enjoys feeding the calves, the chicken and riding round on the tractor with Daddy!Image of jersey cows milk vending machine scaftworth

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