Image of Manor Farm Jersey cows happily grazingOur Jersey cows are milked twice a day, milking at 5.30am to ensure our local milk is as fresh as possible for you. Tom and the team concentrate their time on ensuring the cows have enough yummy food, have clean and dry places to lie down and are looked after during their pregnancies.

Our Jersey cows graze the Bawtry Basin grassland in between the River Idle and the River Ryton which is rich in nutritious, delicious grass!

We try to ensure the cows here have as much time outside as possible, which given the climate in Scaftworth has low rainfall our cows can enjoy the fresh lush grassland from March to November. During the winter months, when it is too cold outside for the grass to grow, our Jersey cows are housed in the Cow Shed where they each have their own bed with a soft mat for comfort. These beds are cleaned every day to ensure our cows are clean and dry. Happy cows produce tasty milk! Our cows also enjoy a good massage from our back scratchers whenever they need!Image of jersey cows milk vending machine scaftworth bawtry

Image of Manor Farm Jersey Cows in Cowshed

Greener Farming

Since finishing his degree at Writtle College, Tom is always trying to find ways to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. Here are some of the ideas Tom has already put into place;

  • Heat Exchange - the fresh cow’s milk needs to go through a cooling system, the heat exchange uses the extracted heat from the milk to heat the water used in washing the parlour after every milking.
  • Solar Panels - We have recently installed solar panels which now produce enough energy to cool and pasteurise our milk (except on really dreary days!).
  • Rain Water Harvesting - We collect the rainwater off the roof of The Cow Shed and use this once heated using the heat exchange to wash down the parlour.
  • Slurry Separation System - Now for the not so nice side – the Cow Poo!! This is separated so that we can store the liquid over the winter period and recycle this onto the land in spring reducing the amount of artificial fertiliser applied.
  • Reduced Food Miles - As well as the Jersey calves we rear for our herd we also rear Jersey cross Hereford calves for beef. These are sold locally to Everton Farm Shop and Eaton’s Butchers in Tickhill.  Not forgetting the milk you can buy from our manor farm jerseys vending machine which has only travelled 50 metres!

The remainder of our milk is collected by a bulk tank every other day and is transported less than 50 miles to Longley Farm in Holmfirth in West Yorkshire.  Here our milk is used to produce Longley Butter, Buttermilk, cottage cheese, cream, crème fraiche, yoghurt, fromage frais, soft cheese and Yorkshire Curd (

Award winning cows produce our award winning milk!

jersey cows 6