jersey cows 9Our Fresh Jersey Milk has just won the Best Channel Island milk competition at the Great Yorkshire Show 2016 and then went on to win Best Liquid Milk in show!


Our Jersey Milk is Delicious and Fresh!

Our milk will separate so the cream will come to the top so you can either shake the bottle to mix it back up or if you fancy semi-skimmed take the cream from the top!

We do pasteurise the milk, which is a quick heat process that kills the unpleasant bacteria and protects you against infectious diseases.

Our milk has not however been standardised or homogenised like the milk you buy in the supermarkets.  Standardisation is where all the butterfat (cream) is removed and then some is returned to make either the “whole milk”, “semi-skimmed” or “skimmed” milk (Removing all the goodness and the taste!)  Homogenisation smashes all the delicate fat molecules in the milk into tiny pieces the same size so they are unable to rise to the top. This is why you never see that lovely cream on the top of the milk.  Research has shown that the changes to the fat globules can cause allergic reactions and make milk less digestible.

Once the supermarket milk has been through all these processes it is then packaged into plastic containers and travels all over the country to wholesalers and shops. It could take at least a week for the milk from a farm to get to a shop in Bawtry! Then you have the shelf life which is artificially lengthened in the processing so milk could be 2 weeks old when you drink it!


Milk contains a full range of B and C Vitamins which are very delicate and can be easily killed off through homogenisation and they only live for 7-10 days so they have potentially died before you buy your milk should any have survived!

To make use of the calcium in your milk, your body needs soluble vitamin D which is only soluble and digestible in full fat milk. Our full fat milk is still 94% fat free!  Another fat soluble vitamin found abundantly in milk is vitamin A and if damaged or removed, the levels of vitamins drop to almost nothing. This can happen when milk is carted around by a tanker, collected from the dairy and delivered via multiple pumps and pipes in a processing plant. During all this upheaval the milk becomes aerated and oxidation of fats occurs.

Milk drank direct from our farm has not had excessive aeration and pumping so the fat soluble vitamins are conserved and the flavour remains fresh!

Milk is great at cooling your mouth after eating spicy foods.  Milk contains the protein Casein that cleanses the burning taste budsMilk contains the healthy fat Palmitoleic Acid which helps prevent against insulin resistance and diabetes!The Calcium and Vitamin D content in milk helps burn calories more efficiently and maintain a steady weight

Jersey Milk contains 20% higher Calcium than rival brands which is beneficial for the development of healthy teeth and bones (and not just in children)jersey milk 5Jersey Milk contains 20% more protein than rival brands. This means it is often more effective than sports drinks in aiding muscle repair after exercise